Saturday, May 1, 2010

SoundsLike Operator

Searching for exact Contacts in Call Centre with First and Last Names is not that much easier as we may think.Different people uses different spelling for their names for example John can be spelled like Joan, Jon, Joanne, Joann.

How to search a contact with similar pronouncing name. This was one of the requirement I came across. One of my friend Jalaj suggested SoundsLike Operator. Siebel provides a SoundsLike Operator which can be used to find the similar pronouncing names.
Let me show you how it works, you need to query in the Applet Field with SoundsLike('John').
In return or clicking on Go, it will give results like in below.
This Operator can also be used to BusComp Prequery event to modify the searchexpr with SoundsLike Operator.

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