Monday, January 25, 2010

Global Target List Management

List Management is a functionality extensively used for Campaign and Surveys.
Apply List and Save List Button which you usually see in Menu Item for the Applet are the two ways to manage Internal Lists.

Siebel provides this feature for entities like Contacts, Accounts, Employee, Positions, Prospects. Let us take an example that I want to do a Email Campaign for Contacts Living in California. I will do a query on state field in All Contact List Applet. Clicking on Save List will give me a popup applet shown below.

I will save the List with a name. List can be seen in the List Management Screen.

The List is ready to be used for campaign. There are many applet where Apply List and Save List buttons are disabled. To enable those button, you may need to configure the User Properties, Link and MVL.
I configured that for Case List Applet
I had created the below things to enable the Save button and work it for me.
  1. A Link between HLS Case and List Mgmt Lists.  
  2. A MVL for HLS Case and List Mgmt Lists
  3. MVF for Id fields.
  4. User Property TargetProp.
  5. List Column for Ids
  6. Applet User property as Save Target List Source1.
For details, please read AppsAdmin.pdf, chapter Global Target List Management.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Configuring Recipient Groups

Recipient Groups are used to automatically populate 'To' field while we send Emails, Fax and other sort of Outbound Communications in Siebel.

Siebel provides some Predefined Recipient Groups for example
  • Account Contacts, 
  • Activity Owner, 
  • Campaign Contacts/Prospects, 
  • Employees, 
  • Opportunity Sales Team Members
  • Quote Sales Rep
  • Service Request Owner and more
If the predefined recipient groups do not serve all your business needs, you must configure the Siebel application to extend or modify the available recipient groups.

Now, we need to Configuring Recipient Sources Applets and  to add Recipient User Properties at BC level.
Steps are given in the Siebel Communications Server Administration Guide bookshelf to configure the Recipient Pick Applet.
You just need to copy applet and configure it for your BusComp Comm Source bus_obj_name List Applet like the figure below.

Add the User Properties to populate the Email Address, with Whom Email Address and which recipient should be coming in the recipient pick applet.

Compile the changed object and press F9 will open a recipient pick applet after choosing it, a send Email box will open with 'To' field populated.

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Configuring Email Templates

To show you how to configure Email templates, Let's take an example for Object 'HLS Case' which is a part of Case Management.
I will also show you how to Substitute Fields to be used in Email Template.

Steps to Create Email Template
  1. Navigate to the Administration - Communications screen, then the All Templates view.
  2. In the Templates list, click New and complete the fields as appropriate for example Name, Channel type, Status.
  3. In the below Simple template's Pick Available Substitution section, here you can choose the Object like I have chosen HLS Case and in Available Substitution, you can choose the Fields to be used in Email templates. In case the field you want to use is not present, you can put [Object Name.Field Name] for example [HLS Case.Case Num] in the email template. Otherwise, you need to add a BC user property Substitution Field # and put the Value as Name of the Field for that Business Component.

  1. You can also configure some more parameters in Advanced template View. Please see the difference I encircled.
    • Create Activity is used to create activity as soon as the Email Template is used.
    • Attach Bookmark is used to attach the active View Link as the Bookmark of the Email.
    • Recipient Groups for the recipient of the Emails. I will post how to configure that in another post.

In the similar way, you can configure Templates for other channels like Fax Templates, Phone Templates, Paging Template and Wireless Message Templates.

Now, based on the Object you selected while creating the template, the Template will be coming in the Body dropdown list of the Send Email Popup Applet.

You can also configure default Template for Send Email Command(F9).A default template is preselected and populates the message area when the Send Email command is invoked, based on the current (active) applet at the time the command was invoked. To specify that a specific email template is the default for a given applet, specify the template name as the value for the Mail Template applet property for the applet.
In future post, I will discuss about How to Configure Recipient Groups and auto populate of To field in email. It may requires some configuration in Tools.

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Friday, January 1, 2010

Using Email Templates for Send Email F9 Functionality

Happy New Year 2010 to my Dear Friends, Today I am posting on how we can use Email templates for Send Email F9 functionality.

Siebel Public Sector is primarily using Case Management. Everything roam around that only.
We had a scenario where when a case closes, CSR can send an Email to the Customer for the survey about the services provided. This is very commonly used scenario where after providing a service, customer is asked to fill the survey for the satisfaction level about the services provided to him.

Sending Emails is very common in Siebel Application now a days. It can be done using Outbound Communication Manager Business Service or Send Email or F9 from File Menu.
Here, I did configuration so that as soon as user presses F9, a recipient pick applet gets open.

User can pick the recipient for the email. The email address gets auto-populated into 'To' field. Body field is a dropdown showing email templates assosiated with the Business Object. I selected my configured email template then by default, it populates the Body field with the Text and the Substitution Fields like Case #, Case Description, Case Owner etc.

This has also been OOTB configured in Service Request Business Object. I will discuss the whole steps to configure the same in my next post Configuring-Email-Templates

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