Monday, January 11, 2010

Configuring Email Templates

To show you how to configure Email templates, Let's take an example for Object 'HLS Case' which is a part of Case Management.
I will also show you how to Substitute Fields to be used in Email Template.

Steps to Create Email Template
  1. Navigate to the Administration - Communications screen, then the All Templates view.
  2. In the Templates list, click New and complete the fields as appropriate for example Name, Channel type, Status.
  3. In the below Simple template's Pick Available Substitution section, here you can choose the Object like I have chosen HLS Case and in Available Substitution, you can choose the Fields to be used in Email templates. In case the field you want to use is not present, you can put [Object Name.Field Name] for example [HLS Case.Case Num] in the email template. Otherwise, you need to add a BC user property Substitution Field # and put the Value as Name of the Field for that Business Component.

  1. You can also configure some more parameters in Advanced template View. Please see the difference I encircled.
    • Create Activity is used to create activity as soon as the Email Template is used.
    • Attach Bookmark is used to attach the active View Link as the Bookmark of the Email.
    • Recipient Groups for the recipient of the Emails. I will post how to configure that in another post.

In the similar way, you can configure Templates for other channels like Fax Templates, Phone Templates, Paging Template and Wireless Message Templates.

Now, based on the Object you selected while creating the template, the Template will be coming in the Body dropdown list of the Send Email Popup Applet.

You can also configure default Template for Send Email Command(F9).A default template is preselected and populates the message area when the Send Email command is invoked, based on the current (active) applet at the time the command was invoked. To specify that a specific email template is the default for a given applet, specify the template name as the value for the Mail Template applet property for the applet.
In future post, I will discuss about How to Configure Recipient Groups and auto populate of To field in email. It may requires some configuration in Tools.

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  1. Hi Siebel Guru,
    This post was very helpful,after lot of r&d i came to a point where i cannot go further,I wanted to send a active view in the email template,is it possible do we have any vanilla templates which supports this process.
    Hi sanjay your information is please click on the below link

    It should show me a view of contact information,

    Thanks in advance
    Sanjay S

  2. Hey Sanjay, You can achieve this in two ways. either you put the url of that view in the email template[HLS Case.Id]
    You can get this url from the Applet Menu->Create Bookmark
    or You can Communication Advance Template tab, there is a checkbox for Attach Bookmark. You will get the url in attachment as link.
    You also need to provide the Web Server for URL Bookmarks property of the Submit Request Method of Outbound Communications Manager BS.

  3. Hi Siebel Guru,
    I did this by passing the User Id and the Password in the Link itself,
    Every thing worked fine,if we want to surpress the user Id and the Pwd with out providing it in the bookmark explicitly. Do we have any configuration for this kind of requirement.?

    Thanks in Advance
    Sanjay S

  4. Generally we don't pass the user id and password. This link will ask for login credential on login page and then it takes user to that view and record if specified. I don't know how to suppress credential if we can.

  5. Hi Siebel Guru,
    I searched in support web,Even they dont talk about supressing the user Id and Pwd,in the link. But thank you very much for giving me valuable advice about this topic.
    Shall meet you with another topic..::)))

    Thanks &
    Warm Regards
    Sanjay S

  6. Hi do you have any sample using script to send email with template ...
    Im trying with create request of Outbound Communications Manager

  7. you need to use create request method of outbound communication manager bs and pass the package name as the template name. pl see the bookshelf for how to invoke bs and pass the arguments into it.

  8. Hi Ankit,

    Is it possible to have embedded files/logos in an email template? We are going down the path of using Advanced Email Templates for it but I am beginning to hear murmurs that Siebel Outbound Communication does not support Advanced Email Templates. Needless to say, that just sounds counter-intuitive.

    Any insight you can provide would be great. Thanks in advance.

  9. Hi Guru,
    Again its me::).I was Trying to Send an eMail Notification to The Contact which is associated to the Order.For this I used Siebel Vanilla RelationShip.
    1.First Step Used Existing Recipient Group
    Recipient Group.
    a)Order Contact
    2.Defined an eMail Template.
    3.Called this Email Template in a workflow.
    Business Service is
    b)Outbound Communications Manager
    Business Service Method
    c) Create Request.
    SourceListId: 'Order Id'
    4.Workflow executes Successfully

    It Does not Send eMail to the Contact which is Associated to the Order..??

    Am i Doing some thing wrong here.!!! If i want to send the eMail Notification to My Email Address Like Over ride the eMail Address.. is there any way to override by using this Create Request work flow Level.

    Sanjay S

  10. I hope you have configured the Email profiles in Admin Communications. Also I hope that you have set the SMTP details in the profile.
    Are you able to send the email from F9?

  11. Hi Guru,
    Yes I can Send eMail from F9,

  12. Hi Guru,
    I forgot this to tell you, After Pressing F9, It pops Up the Send eMail Applet with Empty Body, i mean The template is not associated to that Applet, is this is the Right Behaviour??? or not

  13. HiAll,

    We need to send xml in an email, is posible and if yes then how :)

  14. @Sanjay: Template only comes if the object you specified at the template level is same as the Business Component of the applet. Check if the HTML flag at template, it should be false.
    In my post,
    I have specified how to test.

    @Nancy: XML is generated at runtime of its static?
    if its static, you can add attachment to the template.
    if dynamic, try using Outbound Communications Manager->SendMessage->AttachFileList/AttachNameList

  15. have you configured step 1 of

    and have you created bc user properties given in

  16. Yes i was Following the Steps Which Was Given in your Previous Post.

  17. Hi Guru,
    first..i got to Thank debugging Skills are improving:)))Neverthless...I m nearing to the Problem, I undo all my Steps and freshly i started the configurations,,,
    In the Out bound Request View the LOV Value which i defined Doesnot Pop Up.
    I use Order Entry(Sales) BO for my Configuration,
    In Outbound Request View,There is a Picklist for Recipient Group, Of which Siebel applies a Search Spec for the PickList,
    [Parent]<> Order Entry(Sales) as per the Log.
    There is No Search Spec On Comm Request BC(But there is a Buscomp view mode)
    There is no Srch Spec on Applet or at view Level.
    But Still it applies the Srch Spec of
    [Parent]<> Order Entry(Sales)
    So I guess i have to Use Different BO for this.

  18. Hi Guru,
    After I immersed my Head in to Bookshelf I Came to know what went wrong, and why My configuration did not worked,
    My Custom BC(its a Clone of another BC) it Had a Joined Recipient Group Property Set to 3 Field Values.Position Id,Division Id,Internal Division
    Where as the Email Address is the Direct Field. of my BC
    As a result it was not able to get the Email Address of My Record.
    So i Inactivated that user Property in the Buscomp and i Use Same BO (Order Entry(Sales))
    Now everything works Perfect.

    Thank you for your Support Guru.

    Thank you
    Warm Regards
    Sanjay S

  19. That was a very healthy discussion,with some good instructions.. Thanks!

    Email Templates

  20. Hi Gurus, a quick question.
    Can you guys tell me if it is possible to capture the message in the body of the F9 email and dump into some description field on the Email Outbound Activity that system creates automatically?

  21. Hi Guru,
    I have a problem.When I send mail, the person receiving the received with the reformat html tags visible. How can I do to make sure that the recipient does not display the content in html mail?

  22. try checking and unchecking of html property at email template shown in one of the screenshot of the blog also

  23. Hi ankit,
    I have gone through your posting they are help full.

    I need your help for my scenario, I want to create a activity when ever order is submitted using Outbound Communication manager, i need to upset some field in that Activity.

  24. Hi
    When I am pressing the F9 the popup open with message "The server you are trying to access is either busy or experiencing difficulties. Please close the Web browser, open a new browser window, and try logging in again"

    Please help me to resolve this issue.

  25. Does this works with calculated fields also?

  26. Hi,

    when I go to Communications --> show "My templates", there are no templates listed, even I do have few email templates configured and available.

    Any help is welcome


  27. Hi Ankit,

    Your post is really helpful. Can you please help me to troubleshoot the below issue.

    One of the users is facing this issue. In Service Request List Applet, when he presses F9, it pops up the Send email applet, but the body is empty. This user is newly created in Siebel and his colleagues are able to get the email body. Basically, this user is getting the Drop down values in Body.


  28. Typo error, the user is NOT getting the drop down values in Body.


  29. Hi Friends,

    Am working with loyalty application I have configured 4 recipiant groups i configured so many email templates but the thing is if i check the create activity flag at template level activity got created with template body and subject but it is not showing under the member it is showing in all activities but our req is we have to show under member is der any way to stamp member id for that activity plz replay for this req

  30. email templetes can be written in admini-communication>> all templates,
    in businesss services, client side bs and work flows

    may i know if there is any other place where we can write this template

  31. Our requirement is to send the consolidated email, it will get the info from multiple reocrd. any suggestion other then using script to build the email body?

  32. Requirement is that you enter the complete URL for the images that will be used in the email newsletter. It must be made sure that the unsubscribe option is included at the end of the newsletter for better custmisation. This is a better activity for e-mail marketing and is gaining a lot of popularity now a days. The another root thing is that find a best HTML email Templates for it and get the unbelievable results throughout this. Keep writing.

  33. Hi:

    I am trying to have info from Quote and Quote Item in one template. I tried various options given both from this site and other sites but haven't had luck with this.

    I would really appreciate if you could guide me thru this.


  34. Hi, when choosing in F9 SendMail PopUp an advanced web template with attachments configured, the activity which is created automatically, should have those attachments also attached, right? It is not working in my case right now so I am wondering if this is a product defect or some problem in my current configuration.

    Does anyone have a hint on this?

    Thanks a lot,

  35. I am definitely enjoying your website. You definitely have some great insight and great stories.
    email newsletter templates

  36. Can we use Calculated Value in the Template body ?

  37. Hi Siebel Guru,
    I am trying to select a template from f9 but after selecting template only body is coming,attachment is not coming automatically.

    Can you suggest why its happening because i have defined attachment under template-->template items