Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Configuring Recipient Groups

Recipient Groups are used to automatically populate 'To' field while we send Emails, Fax and other sort of Outbound Communications in Siebel.

Siebel provides some Predefined Recipient Groups for example
  • Account Contacts, 
  • Activity Owner, 
  • Campaign Contacts/Prospects, 
  • Employees, 
  • Opportunity Sales Team Members
  • Quote Sales Rep
  • Service Request Owner and more
If the predefined recipient groups do not serve all your business needs, you must configure the Siebel application to extend or modify the available recipient groups.

Now, we need to Configuring Recipient Sources Applets and  to add Recipient User Properties at BC level.
Steps are given in the Siebel Communications Server Administration Guide bookshelf to configure the Recipient Pick Applet.
You just need to copy applet and configure it for your BusComp Comm Source bus_obj_name List Applet like the figure below.

Add the User Properties to populate the Email Address, with Whom Email Address and which recipient should be coming in the recipient pick applet.

Compile the changed object and press F9 will open a recipient pick applet after choosing it, a send Email box will open with 'To' field populated.

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  1. Hi Ankit,

    When i use CreateRequest for email sending, i always get the outputs as null for ComRequestId, Status, StartDate, EndDate etc. But for SRMRequestID i am getting the value populated. Could you please share your idea, why always the outputs are null for CreateRequest Method?