Friday, January 1, 2010

Using Email Templates for Send Email F9 Functionality

Happy New Year 2010 to my Dear Friends, Today I am posting on how we can use Email templates for Send Email F9 functionality.

Siebel Public Sector is primarily using Case Management. Everything roam around that only.
We had a scenario where when a case closes, CSR can send an Email to the Customer for the survey about the services provided. This is very commonly used scenario where after providing a service, customer is asked to fill the survey for the satisfaction level about the services provided to him.

Sending Emails is very common in Siebel Application now a days. It can be done using Outbound Communication Manager Business Service or Send Email or F9 from File Menu.
Here, I did configuration so that as soon as user presses F9, a recipient pick applet gets open.

User can pick the recipient for the email. The email address gets auto-populated into 'To' field. Body field is a dropdown showing email templates assosiated with the Business Object. I selected my configured email template then by default, it populates the Body field with the Text and the Substitution Fields like Case #, Case Description, Case Owner etc.

This has also been OOTB configured in Service Request Business Object. I will discuss the whole steps to configure the same in my next post Configuring-Email-Templates

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  1. hi....
    i may i know about the amount of character that can suit in "body" of the email?

  2. hai, please publish more articles with detailed information. hope you understand.
    even we are not aware of configuration of email server how it works.

  3. I have published four articles on the Outbound Manager.

    For more Details you can refer the Bookshelf. If you have any spcific question, then I can help out.

  4. Hi Ankit,
    Thanks for your support.
    As per ur suggestion i remove 'ReciepientGrp' Parameter in WF, then it goes into the Error.

    And one more thing is it necessary to write code in Outbound Communications Manager to retrieve Profile,MsgBody and etc.


  5. You need to pass these parameters:
    PackageNameList, SourceBusObj, SourceIdList,
    RequestLanguageCode(this is mandatory for multilingual)
    From the template, remove the recipient group if used.
    Profile and msgbody, you can put at template level.

  6. Hi Ankit,

    We have a problem with email functionality, it worked fine until we did a migration last week.
    The problem seems to be only with Opportunity BO, I dont see the templates in the Body drop down, the drop down doesn't come at all...but, it does come for Account Object and also for the Custom Opportunity Object(AB Opportunity). It just stopped working now.

  7. In the templates, check the recipient object on Advanced tab(Admin Comm -> Templates-> Advanced Tab)

  8. Hi Ankit,
    Wanted to know if i can add the timestamp where i can know on which day the mail was sent and the time (timestamp)between the to and cc in the body template or can we add the timestamp in the bosy of the email.

  9. Hey Hi,

    We have a issue while using this. When we send Fax in siebel, it always replace first charachter with two ?? marks? Does any one has idea how to resolve/debug this.