Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Incremental Compile - Popup Visibility Auto All Issue

I have heard many times that there could be problem with the Incremental Compile Issue of the SRF.
I have also seen some times that there are some inconsistent issues because of Incremental Compile. Today , I saw it having issues with Incremental Compile and it has also been documented on Oracle Support aka metalink.

As we know that on BC level, there are two of the properties like Popup Visibility Auto All and Popup Visibility Type. 
Ideally, It should work like if Popup Visibility Auto All is TRUE and the Login User has responsibility to see All Across Organization View, then "Popup Visibility Auto All" will override the Popup Visibility Type value.

For eg. Let's say User ANWALIA(myself) has responsibility to see All Contact Across Organization View. The Contact BusComp has Popup Visibility Auto All as TRUE and Popup Visibility Type as Organization.
Now because I have All Contact Across Organization View, in any popup applet used by Siebel like Associate Applet, Pick Applet etc. I should be able to see all contacts across organizations.

Here is a catch of Incremental Compile, If any buscomp has the above kind of configurations and you lets say recompilation of the Contact Screen is done, hen Popup Visibility Auto All would not work as expected. It will work based on Popup Visibility type.

This can be avoided if you compile the whole project or do a full compile.

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