Friday, February 19, 2010

MVG Set Primary Restricted: Position

Have you ever seen that you are not able to change the primary in a MVG applet based on position. you are not able to figure it out how this Primary Field becomes editable. The Primary flag is read only.
You checked the No Update Property if it is set. You have checked if any Buscomp Read Only User Property for the primary Record. If still you are not able to find the reason why you are not able to change the Primary.

The reason may be Position Protection mechanism. Position Protection is a mechanism that protects against unauthorized changes within a MVG applet based on Positions. If Position Protection is active then changes can only be done by privileged persons or within certain views.

In Siebel previous version before 7.x, Position Protection mode can be disable but to a limited extent.
In Siebel version 7.x and above, this does not apply. Disabling Position Protection is handled by setting the 'MVG Set Primary Restricted: visibility_mvlink_name' user property to 'FALSE'.

Position Protection is active when:
  • the view's Property Admin Mode is set to FALSE
  • the multi-value field's (MVF) business component is set up with Position Team Ownership
The following business component Properties must be set:
  • Visibility Emp MVField
  • Visibility MVLink
The MVLink must point to the Position business component.
  • The Multi Value Field is based on Positions.
NOTE: Position Protection is not active within Siebel VB / eScript, regardless of above settings.

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  1. Thanks for the post, got here when I needed. UI seems to be working, need to test out with workflow. Regards.