Sunday, February 28, 2010

Scripting alternative –Data Validation Manager

Many times, system requires us to put validations; we generally end up with scripting in Pre Events like PreSetFieldValue or PreWriteRecord.

Recently, I worked on Data Validation Manager which is a quite useful tool to do validations in the application itself without changing the srf. With the combination of Run Time Events, I really found DVM competitive to avoid scripting and from maintenance perspective also.

We can use conditional expression to check the validation and invoke a RTE and DVM.
I will run through the End to End process of creating a RTE and DVM Rule. I will also show you validation getting fired in the application.

Let’s take an example, I want to put a validation that a contact record must have an email address or a Mobile Phone number or a Work Phone number.

To work this validation out, I will do the following steps:- 
  1. Create a DVM Validation Message.
  2. Create a DVM Rule.
  3. Call Data Validation Manager BS using the Action Set.
  4. In the Business Service Context, Provide the DVM Rule name.
  5. Create a RTE.
  6. Reload the RTE and activate the DVM Rule.
  7. Creating a new Contact Record and test the DVM.

I need to create RTE and DVM. It will be a mandatory check for email address or a Mobile Phone number or a Work Phone number. This RTE will be on PreWriteRecord of Contact BC.

Step1: Go to Administration - Data Validation and Create the DVM Message

Step 2: Create DVM Rule for contact validation.

Step 3 and Step 4: Create an Action Set for RTE
Business Service:  Data Validation Manager
Business Service Method:  Validate
Business Service Context:  "Rule Set Name", "Contact Details", "Enable Log", "Y".

Step 5: Create a Run Time Event on PreWriteRecord on Contact BusComp and Call the Action Set created in Step 3 and 4.

Step 6: Reload Run Time Event and Activate DVM Rule.

Step 7: Create a Contact Record and test DVM.
The Limitation of the DVM is that field should be visible on the UI.

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  1. Great post! It's informative and easy to understand.

    Last spring, I posted about using regular expressions with DVM. Take a look:



  2. very Useful --Good one.
    Easy to understand .
    -Siebel bee

  3. Hi,
    I'm trying to set the same thing, but I'm invoking the BS in a WF. I have an error saying that it cannot display the message "Unable to load message 0xffff(SBL-GEN-00000)"
    I was trying to look for the log that you setting to "Y" but i couldn't find it anywhere..
    Can you give some help?

    PS: The Post and Blog are awesome! :)

    1. Even I am getting the same error.. can someone help us here?

    2. You need to set propSet "Active Object"="N"

  4. Hi Ankit,

    It is really good and Informative.


  5. Does DVM work on virtual BC? Am trying to apply a validation rule on the Contact Home Screen

  6. Request somebody to answer unknown questions..

  7. How I can export and import that Validation if I created in test environment and I need use in production environment.

  8. Do data validations work when we import data into an applet?