Friday, February 19, 2010

View Links

We must have seen the Links on the Screen Homepages. But I was never known that these are just links to the View which can have default PDQs. It just works like a Drilldown on a field. I always thought that these are configured at Applet Level and its a SRF Change.

Recently, there was a requirement I came across to configure those links. We can configure those link from Application itself. As we know that PDQs can be Private and Public. Similarly, these links as well can be Private and Public.
Private View Links: Visible only to the Creator.
Public View Links: Visible to everyone using the application.
If User wants to configure these links, they can do so using User Preferences->View Links.These links from User preference can be only Private for that user only.

You can specify the Default Query, which can be configured using Application Administration -> Predefined Queries.
The Public and Private View Links can also be configured from Application Administration -> View Links in the same way as you do in User Preference.
To configure the View Links in Screen Homepages, you should know Screen Name, View Name.
If you want to specify Default Query then a pre-default query will be created by System Admin.
Let me show my customized View Links 

There are some BCs which may not have Screen Homapages, you need to add a User Property VlinkScreen::  value as 'Y' in the 'SRF Vlink Screen' Business Component.

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