Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Siebel Activity Template and Activity Plan

Many scenarios where we need to perform certain tasks to complete the process. In Siebel, for task, we have got activities.
So, for any such process, we always need to perform those tasks.
In Siebel, It provides a feature called Activity Templates and Activity Plans.

What is Activity Template and Activity Plan?
Activity Template is a template which you can use to create a set of Activities.
Activity Plan: When you add the Template with the Entity like Accounts, Contacts, Cases. It becomes Activity Plan. It is like a master Activity which you need to add to the entity so that the Activities will also get created with the Entity.

How to create Activity Templates
  1. Go to Administration-Data, then Activity Template View.
  2. In the Activity Templates list, create a new record, and Fill the values in the fields
    • Name: Fill the Name of the Template
    • Type: Where you would be using this Template, select the values from Dropdown
    • Sales Stage and Sales method: Select the Value in case you are going to use Template on change of Sales Stage or on invoking of Sales Method
    • Public: No Logic Associated, You might choose to use it in conjunction with workflows and search specifications
    • Auto Trigger:For type Opportunity, activity plan automatically generated for opportunities with this sales stage
  3. Drilldown on Activity Template Name and Go to the Activity Template Details View tab

  4. In the Activity Templates Details list, create a new record, and complete the necessary fields
    • Type: Activity Type
    • Duration: Time needed to complete the activity
    • Employees: User names of the people who are to perform the activity
    • Lock Assignment: If true, Assignment can still be changed manually
    • Display In:To display the activity in the Calendar screen, the Activity screen,or in both.

  5. Create a new activity template detail record for each activity associated with the activity template

Creating Activity Plan Now, as per the Type, you had selected while creating Activity Template record, the Activity Template can be seen in the dropdown when you create a Activity Plan under any Entity like Account, Contact etc. As soon as you save the record, the Activities associated with that Template will get created.
This Activity Plan creation under entity can be done manually as well as system also can do that after some configuration/scripting.

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  1. Will the activities that are in the Activity Plan Action Applet get added to the Account Activity List Applet?