Sunday, December 6, 2009

Siebel Case Management

Recently, I am working on a project based on Siebel Public Sector.

Siebel Public Sector is mainly focused on the Case Management. It provides a 360° view for Case Management.

Definition of Case
Case is something which can be logged to Govt/Govt Managed agencies to track any kind of interaction. That interaction can be for seeking information, complaint, sharing information, suggestion, to apply for Passport and Taxation.
I would say its Citizen oriented Approach.

Case Management needs to perform some activities, Approvals, validations, Assignments, Benefit Plans, Assessment based on the data collected from different sources.Case Management can be drilldown and the information can be sub-divided into multiple entities. Case Management comprises of Detail Views like:
Benefits PlanAssessmentsActivity Plans
Change of CircumstancesAttachmentsAssets
Related CasesService RequestsAddresses
HouseholdsGroupsGroup Suspects
Presentationsliterature DistributionVehicles
ClaimsDiseasesAudit Trails
Verification PlansQA Plans

Using Case Management, we can set up multiple kinds of cases of different Government departments/agencies like
  • Municipal corporations,
  • Social services,
  • Tax and revenue management,
  • Public health,
  • Immigration agencies, and
  • Investigative agencies

Apart from above these, there are few button present on Case Management View.
1. Regenerate All- Used to regenerate serial numbers for the cases.
2. Submit- Used to submit the case for Approval by creating inbox item.
3. Recall- Recall the submitted case.
4. Screening- Used to Apply New Govt Policy Rules and Screen the citizens.
5. Eligibility- Used to Apply New Govt Policy Rules and check the eligibility.
6. Change of circumstances- If any Change in case, modify Benefit Plans.

Note: This document only provides a high level overview of Siebel Case Management. It has been summarized from Oracle Siebel Documentation.

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