Monday, December 7, 2009

Siebel Public Sector

Siebel Public Sector provides two set of application.
One to be used by Officers working for Govt Agencies:
  • To Create and manage the case
  • To Create Contacts, Accounts, Incidents
  • To Create Benefit Plans
Another One(self service) can be used by Citizens:
  • To know the status of their cases
  • To access any published information by Govt
  • To Search the required info into FAQs

Siebel Public Sector can be used for multiple agencies:
  • Municipal corporations,
  • Social services,
  • Tax and revenue management,
  • Public health,
  • Immigration agencies, and
  • Investigative agencies

Siebel Public Sector provides the below feature Out of box:
Location Tracking: It provides a standardized Location Tracking Mechanism for various addresses like malls, hotels, office parks, and campuses. Users can also specify an area that does not have address information—for example, a street intersection or the north end of a lake. You can associate latitude and longitude pairs or Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) values witha single location.

Serialization Rules: It also provides Serialization Rules which can be used to give a Serial Number by default to a case using some of the case related values like Territory, Category for example: For example, in the case serial number NY-2B-2, the serial number denotes a geographic territory (NY—New York) and a case category (2B—aggravated assault). The third field (2) uniquely identifies the case.

Approval Templates: It also provides a feature for setting up Approval Templates. for example for a particular type of case, you want that it should pass through a set of Approval from some Employees of the Organization.Similarly for Activity Templates as well.

Assignment of Cases and Ownership
Cases by default get assigned to the employee who created the case. Case assignment can be done manually or It can be done automatically(may need configuration) using Siebel Assignment Manager based on the different filed values like Geographic Location, category of case, availability of the user.Multiple employee can also be assigned to a case.

Case Activity Plans
Case Activity Plans can be set up. Just for an overview, An activity plan is a set of tasks (activities in Oracle’s Siebel data model) that users must complete to finish processing the case. Analyst can create Activity Plans.

Adobe Forms Integration
This provides you to map Siebel data with the Adobe Forms. This can be outbound and Inbound. For example in case of
Outbound: To automatically populate forms, such as citizenship and immigration applications with Siebel data.
Inbound: To automatically populate Siebel data from benefits forms,such as applications for unemployment insurance.
Now, you need to select or create an integration object, generate a schema, and map the XML schema to the form.

Assessment templates: If your organization mandates specific assessment criteria, you must set up assessment templates with attributes. When creating a new Case Assessment template,set the Type value to HLS Case.

For more information, Please see Siebel Case Management

Note: This document only provides a high level overview of Siebel Public Sector.It has been summarized from Oracle Siebel Documentation.

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  1. Hi Ankit,
    I'm a Siebel CRM beginner and I have a couple of doubts refering to the Assessments.
    I'd like to know how I can find the data extracted from the assessments and use it in order to reach conclusions.
    I've read about the Task Account Selling or TAS Coach which it's supposed to be a view inside of Contacts Screen (I mean supposed to be because I'm unable to find it, it comes from Siebel Sales that's why maybe)...

    I'd like you to write a little bit about this, it would be very helpful.

    Thanks from Spain :)