Sunday, September 27, 2009

Click and Move Optimization

This blog comes as result of the thought when I have to click several times on About View to see which Screen, which BO, which BCs and which Applets have been used so that i can customize my siebel application by modify in whatever object I need to do changes.

We read about optimizations process, CPU optimizations, memory optimization....etc,etc
I heard abt website optimizations, this can be a part of that.

The earlier scenario is like Menu bar->Help->About view
In siebel v7.8 application,there is a menu bar on top(File, View, Help....)
a toolbar having some icons like Site Map, Dashboard, Quick Print, Ihelp.....
As I mentioned above About View is needed very frequently to see the objects on the page.We have to go thru 4 steps....
1. Move the mouse to Help on Menu bar
2. Click on the Help
3. Move the mouse to About View Sub menu
4. Click on it to open a new window which shows the objects name.

What I did is I made a button on the toolbar(Icon can be used by specifying the image property in SWT, web template file).
What I have to do is to add a Toolbar in the Application Object.

See Application Object is having a hidden Object Application Toolbar in Object Explorer Window, if you want to see this then you have to change the Clientviewmode from web to All in tools.cfg file.

Go into view menu of tools and select all under application.
Before that you also need to create your own toolbar, which is also a hidden object, create a new toolbar and toolbar item with command About View(SWE), type will be link.

Compile the Application, Toolbar objects.
You also need to modify CCFrameViewBar.swt file which is in webtemplate folder.
not remembering the exact can make similar as given in the file already
just change the Toolbar item name
(PS: you add these these tags at right place not inside any SWE:IF condition which i carelessly did)

Just Reopen ur application, You will find a new button on toolbar :-)

Now the scenario becomes...
1.Move the mouse on About View Button
2.Click the button to open about view window.

50% optimization....

The whole purpose of writing this blog is how we can save small small time from these like these and make a better application for all.