Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I-Help Export Crash Issue

The Issue reported was Export Ihelp Item is failing after addition of 25th Question.
25th and 26th are having large text, I made them short, it allowed me to add one more question and again it failed.

It seems a Product Defect; Export Ihelp is failing if the XML file size exceeds 50 KB.

1. We need to find some more leverage by shorting the caption size and removing the Questions from Ihelp which are self explanatory so that we can use Export Ihelp functionality to migrate.
2. Side by Side, we can work with Siebel, if they could tell us some possible way to migrate a more than 50 KB ihelp xml file from one environment to another.
3. We can create an Ihelp Item up to a level where Export Ihelp will work. Then Import that into other Environment and then manually adding questions to that environment.

I found a workaround to take export of Ihelp Item.

1. Actually the problem is only with the Export Method used in Applet Menu Item.
2. Siebel is able to generate the xml file and stored in it temp folder of local (on server also it will save the xml file in temp folder).The name of the file created we can get using the Siebel log files.It will have extension as .temp.
3. When it is trying to use export method at step 1. This export method is failing which causes the Object Manage to crash.

I have taken the xml from the temp folder for the Ihelp Item which has got list of the all questions although the size is more than 50 KB.
And I am also able to import this xml and the questions are coming properly.

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