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Siebel Certification Exam Questions

Sample Questions
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Sample questions are provided solely to familiarize candidates with the multiple-choice format and writing style of questions that will be found on the exam. Sample questions may not cover the full spectrum of difficulty that is covered by the exam questions. Success on the sample questions does not predict success on the exam.

1. In order to change the fonts used by your Siebel application, what file(s) should you modify? Select one answer.
A.Siebel.exe file
B.Siebel template files
C.Cascading style sheets
D.SQL scripts to change the data model

2. Which Link property must be populated for a MVG with a M:M relationship, but is not populated for a MVG with a 1:M relationship?
A.Inter Table
B.Destination Field
C.Child Business Component
D.Parent Business Component

3. You have enabled the Workflow Management component group on the server through the Siebel user interface, but you are unable to run workflows using Workflow policies. Which step might have you forgotten to execute? (Choose two.)
A.restarting the Siebel Server service
B.running a Generate Triggers batch job
C.enabling the Generate Triggers component
D.setting the Workflow Policy properties in Tools
E.specifying the triggering event in the detail applet for the workflow step branch following the Start Step

4. Which three are true about a task in Siebel task UI? (Choose three.)
A.It implements process automation.
B.It must be invoked by a run-time event.
C.It consists of a sequenced set of views.
D.It does not support conditional processing.
E.It does not support transactional processing.
F.It is designed for novice users performing complex tasks.

5. Business rules consist, in part, of concepts. Which two are examples of concepts? (Choose two.)

6. Which describes the role of Assignment Objects for Assignment Manager? identify the people that will be assigned to records describe when a record should be assigned to candidates identify the types of data to assign using Assignment Manager evaluate all people for a matching skill in order to assign records

7. Which statement is true regarding making changes to assignment rules?
A.To make changes you must first deactivate the rule.
B.If you make changes to a released assignment rule, you must release the rule again.
C.Changes to a released assignment rule take affect automatically when the record is saved.
D.Once an assignment rule is released it cannot be changed, it must be revised before it can be edited.

8. Which two statements concerning interface tables are true? (Choose two.)
A.An interface table can populate only one base table.
B.An interface table may populate more than one base table.
C.A base table may be populated by more than one interface table.
D.A base table is always populated by one and only one interface table.

9. When should you use implicit primaries through Enterprise Integration Manager?
A.any time you have more than one child record in the dataset
B.when you need to have multiple primaries associated with a record
C.when the external system defines which child record should be the primary
D.when the external system does not define which child record should be the primary

10. Your Accounts.ifb file appears as follows:
[Siebel Interface Manager]
PROCESS = Import Accounts
[Import Accounts]
TYPE = Import
BATCH = 100

After running the import, you find that the IF_ROW_STAT for all of your accounts is PARTIALLY IMPORTED, yet you can see the accounts in the Accounts Administration view.
What is the most likely cause of this?

A.Not all of the required flags were set.
B.The EIM job generated an internal error.
C.Some of the required flags were set incorrectly.
D.Not all of the base tables that EIM_ACCOUNT maps to were populated.
E.EIM_ACCOUNT did not contain required information for the S_ACCOUNT base table.


1. C
2. A
3. AB
4. ACF
5. BC
6. C
7. B
8. BC
9. D

These question are also available on Oracle website.

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