Monday, September 21, 2009

Unified Messaging Service

Unified Messaging Service is a way to provide the messages to the user as per their interaction with the Application.
This Business service provides an alternative to Browser Script confirm message with more than two buttons on the pop up applet.
Based on the responses,clicking of the button, user can choose to divert the flow of the execution to Business service or cancel the operation.

Go to Admin Order Management Screen -> Message Type
You can easily create a Message type, specifying the Text messages you want to show in the pop up messages. The Active mode is used for Pop up applets. Passive mode is for a applet on the view where the message will all the time.

There is a Detailed View called Responses where you can create the Responses Name(which will be caption on the pop up Applet). The Type of the response and the Business Service and applet you want to invoke after the user click on that response.
Log and Suppress flag are used in case you want to suppress the duplicate messages.

Payload View is used if you want to add any field value in the Message Text. Vanilla only provides some order management related field such as Party Id, Order Id etc.

If you want to specify Bitmap, then you can use the Admin-Document Literature view to add the bitmap image. That will be shown as a record in the Admin Order Managemenet Message Type Bitmap Pick Applet.

On Siebel metalink, they have provided one wrapper BS which can be used to invoke the Message Type. You only need to pass the Message Type, Business Component and a unique ID which will be the Message Id (it can be Process Instance Id in case of Workflows).
Wrapper BS also provide a way to add any field value to the Payload Property Set.

For more details refer Order Management pdf of Siebel Bookshelf.
Feel free to ask any question on the same.

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  1. Good Ankit n Best of luck for your effort!!!

  2. Hi Ankit,

    have you managed to use the UMF outside the Order Management Views? This is a great alternative to scripting and I am trying to write a post on it. You seem to have the information. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Yes Alex, We have done outside the Order management Views.

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