Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Query Result to file using dbisqlc

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Most of us know that the Siebel has given us utility to query in the local database using dbisqlc.exe exist in Client/BIN folder or Tools/Bin folder.

To connect to Server, we generally use Toad or SQL Developer which provides us option to save the output in excel file.

The database siebel uses for Local is into Sybase. In the utility dbisqlc.exe , we dont have any option to save the result in any file. In Sybase, we have an operator '>' which can be used to direct output to a file.

For example the below query,

select name from SYSUSERAUTH
where name not in ('SYS','DBA','PUBLIC','SIEBEL','DBO','dbo','SSE_ROLE') >#getuid.out.

The output of this query will store login id in getuid file at the any of the following paths:

Open the file & you can see your login id.

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